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Mendocino Sculpture
the Work of Robert Milhollin

On Figurative Stone Sculpture:
The creative process I use in figurative stone carving is exciting, hard work, and constantly in a state of flux.

Drawing is the fundamental aspect of sculpture and one must understand the human form by having this two-dimensional experience. A clay model is then created with study and measuring the live model, then onto the stone.

figurative stone sculpturelI have also created many sculptures using a “direct carving” method, which means no model. I create an abstraction in the stone first, and work with it for a while until I see an interesting pose or part of one. At which point I grasp the most re-assuring profile and move, carving, a few degrees at a time in the round 360 degrees until the figure is complete.

The process I use is changing now, in that I will still use the direct carving to “find” my figure, but will then work with the live model in that pose for greater reference.

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oak tree stone sculpture

Robert Milhollin
Mendocino Sculpture
Albion, CA 95410

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