robert milhollin reclining nude scuplture

Statement by the Artist

robert milhollin, scuptorMichaelangelo once said that art is brought from heaven. Being a “Neoplatonist” as he was, this conviction was a powerful incentive to paint and carve some of the most profound works of art in history. To briefly touch on the “Neoplatonist” school of philosophy, revived at the Medici compound and in Florence by Marsilio Fincino, the artist of this school believed preexisting forms in marble and in painting were to be brought out by the hands of the artist. They were, in a sense, a conduit to God, grappling with the ideas concerning matter (the body) and the soul in relationship to “The One” the highest, most perfect realm.

My first exposure to the life and works of Michaelangelo were brought to me in the form of a book, by my mother and Grandmother after a trip to Rome in 1968. I was twelve years old at the time and, to say the least, I was floored by what I saw. The book is still cherished and in my possession to this day.

So, my endeavors as a figurative marble carver now span over twenty years. Whether it be “The One”, or as the Chinese say “Chi”, the life force, I believe there is a source of divine inspiration that artists can tap into. We can only hope to mirror this beauty and have it change the lives of our companions. This, in short, is why I pick up my chisels in the morning.


  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Bachelor of Fine Arts 1984
  • Apprenticeship with John Fisher, Pietrasanta italy 1989,1992
  • Apprenticeship with John Fisher Fort, Bragg California 2005-2009

Solo Exhibits

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, 1984, Anderson Gallery
  • Fulcrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 1986, 1987
  • Charles Stevens Gallery, Mendocino, CA. 1992, 1993
  • Mendocino Arts Center, Abrams Gallery, Mendocino CA. 2004
  • Ukiah Art Center, Ukiah, CA. 2006

Group Exhibits

  • Graduate Show, V.C.U. 1986
  • Fulcrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 1987
  • Sculpture House and Gardens, Carmel CA. 1989
  • William Zimmer Gallery, Mendocino, CA. 1993
  • Auberge Du Soliel, Napa, CA. 2000
  • William Zimmer Gallery, Mendocino, CA. 2005
  • Soulful Abundance, Odd Fellows Hall, Mendocino, CA. 2010


Robert's work is in the following collections:

  • Dr. Jeff Baysa, Honolulu, Hawaii “Within, Without You”, charcoal drawings 1987
  • Dr. Bloomberg, Oakland, CA. marble torso, 1992
  • Margaret Peple, N.Y.C. marble torso, 1993
  • Susan DeFrese, Charlotte, North Carolina, marble figure 1994
  • Hillary Adams, Elk, CA. “Death Stella”, marble bas-relief 2002
  • Douglas Hector, Austin Texas “Madonna”, 2007 marble
    “Madonna with Child” 2007 marble
    “Hunter” 2008 limestone
    “Dream Walker”, 2008 marble
    “Dream Walker”, life-sized 2008 marble
  • Paul and Angela, Redwood Valley, CA. “lnland Valley Oak”, 2008 Texas limestone
  • Jerry and Pat Thomas, Albion CA. “Lamaas”, 2009 lndiana limestone
  • Sherry and Sheba Love, Albion, CA. “Reclining Female Nude”, marble
  • Larry and Marilyn Wagner, Fort Bragg, CA. “Marilyn”, marble


  • Art in the Redwoods, Second Place Sculpture, 1995
  • Mendocino Art Center, Second Place Sculpture, 1999

Robert Milhollin
Mendocino Sculpture
Albion, CA 95410

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